Sturrock Computers consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced employees. Allow us to introduce them to you on this page.

Maureen Sturrock (nickname Gadget or The Mo)

The Manager & The Arty One





Want to stand out from the crowd? The Mo is the one to talk to if you want to think Out Of The Box "rules are there to be bent a little" is her quote.

Your website needs to be a true representation of you and your company large or small, she takes your idea and makes it happen.

Now this is where the "thinking out of the box" comes in with Maureen, she believes that when your website is up and running you should have the power to make changes, upcoming events, images, and linking your business social media account the list is endless and you might want to change something every day (that is something Gadget doesn’t offer) this offer is only if you host your own domain.

Now please don’t panic as we can design and maintain your website as well for more information email her or check out her A Crafty Mo Website.



Thinking of doing a blog? Again The Mo will get you all set up with a design, theme and colour that it's up to you to blog away.



Aka the Guru of great ideas who has designed new menus, posters, leaflets, flyers and more, so if you want a change or a theme for an upcoming event then contact her. A sample of her work are below in the Image Gallery.



Maureen is called Gadget for a reason her knowledge of Social Media means that she can help you connect both your website/blog to any of your social media accounts which has many advantages from customer service and allowing you to communicate with your customers it's all about the hashtag and tagging.




While designing this Guru can save all your data from an old laptop or computer that has been sat in the cupboard and been forgotten about or if you have a computer or laptop that belonged to a loved one who is no longer with us she can get the data and put photos etc on a memory stick for you #multitasker.










You can find out more about Gadget at her new blog page

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